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Manitoba's Choice For Glitter  Tattoos  by the Sparkle Girls

James Grant Productions brings you Manitoba’s top glitter tattoo company – Sparkle Girls. The Sparkle Girls offer great glitter tattoos in Winnipeg that are fun for kids and adults.


Sparkle Girls’ glittery, fun, and temporary glitter tattoos are the latest craze not only at children’s parties, but for any special occasion for adults, teens, boys, and girls! The glitter tattoos provide a fun, fanciful vibe to your otherwise regular event.

Glitter/Airbrush Tattoos - Express Yourself!

Endless Possibilities with So Many Design Choices

Design ideas for your glitter tattoos are limitless. You can choose from 1,200 stencils and 50 colours to make your unique glitter tattoos.


monster glitter tattoo

Quick Application

Glitter tattoos take only minutes to apply, yet they will last up to 3 to 13 days depending on your skin type and the location it’s applied. Apply glitter tattoos to your arm, ankle, wrist, hand, back, or shoulder.


Safe, Non-Toxic & Waterproof

These tattoos are also safe and non-toxic. Easily remove them with just a little bit of baby oil or any other oil-based product. The best thing about glitter tattoos is that they are waterproof.

Custom-Made Stencils

Sparkle Girls makes your event extra special with custom made glitter tattoo stencils. This is great for corporate product launches, weddings, sporting events, grand openings, trade shows, and more. We can create a glitter tattoo stencil that fits your brand, logo, or special message.


For more information and booking, call James Grant Productions. Ask about our fundraiser events. We can also book in booth space if you have an event that rents booth spaces or tables.

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