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Transform Yourself with Hypnotherapy

Are you feeling 100% happy and satisfied in your life? Are you feeling safe financially, emotionally in your relationships or in your career or in your health? Why is it that certain people simply succeed in everything they do? They seem to get whatever they want, charm everyone they meet. Just what is it that they’re doing that you’re not doing – yet? Imagine that you could control your life, your career, your finances, your love life, your family relationships, and more with hypnotherapy in Winnipeg.


Take back control and your health. Let hypnosis help you finally become the person that you want to be.


Hypnotherapy – What Is It? How Does It Help?

James Grant offers hypnotherapy, an integrated, holistic approach that assists you in maintaining optimum health. It can help you take back control from addicting habits, allowing you to become the person that you want to be. Hypnotherapy has been effective for a wide range of issues like:

  • Achieving maximum health
  • Relieving tension, stress, and emotional pain
  • Breaking unhealthy habits such as smoking or overeating
  • Building self-esteem and confidence
  • Improving your learning ability and memory
  • Breaking mental barriers
  • Achieving goals
  • Combating phobias and fears
  • Getting the most out of life


James Grant’s Qualifications

James Grant has extensive training in hypnosis and many years of experience. His qualifications include:

  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Advanced Hypnotist
  • Certified Hypnotist
  • Core Transformation
  • Adults Psychology


Contact James Grant of James Grant Productions for more information on our hypnotherapy services. You can book your session right over the phone.

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